Everyone needs some good surprise in life – surprise keeps us motivated and optimistic. Surprise shows us that no matter what challenges you’ve faced, things can turn around for the better in the blink of an eye.


What’s yours, my friend? Happy New Year!

Yup and we survived The-End-Of-The-World together : )

When I was growing up in the stone age, there was no emails or text messages, so we actually sent each other handwritten letters and postcards when we were oceans apart. I miss those days where I would just be sitting outside or in a cafe, writing those words with my pen, licking the stamps and sticking them on, then putting them into a post box with love, lots of love. And the anticipations of hoping something would arrive in my mail box is as equally heart-tickling, at times I would be so happy to have received a letter, that I actually held the mail against my heart and hugged it tight…