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Last night was the grand opening and after party of Chanel’s latest VIP event in HongKong at the Museum of Medical sciences. Chanel Numeros Prives is a rare exhibition of various installations in honor of the brand’s iconic numbers like “NO.5” “2.55”.  Here’s a glimpse of this fascinating journey.


The latest Cruise Collection for Chanel, inspired by the rebellious ruler, Marie Antoinette has arrived Hong Kong last Friday in 1881 Heritage. Despite the less elaborate setting of the original show (the picturesque gardens at the Palace of Versailles), I still like this mash-up of eighteenth century French aristocracy and modern punk style offered by Karl Lagerfeld.

The overall tone of the clothes were lighthearted with an outing of voluminous skirts, modified creepers and cotton-candy colored detailing. For accessories, Lagerfeld showcased fingerless gloves, oversize sun hats and embroidered bags for a royal twist to the youthful ensembles. Even though usually focus just on handbags and leather goods, in this case, the costume jewelry was too beautiful not to include it as well. Pearlescent pastel cuffs accented with gold leaf, delicate necklaces of petite enamel flowers, crystal-encrusted ribbons – when it comes to costume jewelry, it doesn’t get much better.

In this fantastic capture by Ed Roppo (rustyjaw on Flickr) (, we see how a thin layer of water on the floor creates the perfect reflection, turning this space into a hall of mirrors.

The shot was taken at an abandoned building in Vallejo, California known as the Mare Island Naval Shipyard.

If you’re into this kind of urban exploration photography, Roppo also has a book available called Interior Wildness that you may want to check out. This is but one of the many fantastic shots of abandoned buildings in the book.

A runway through past, present and future in fashion with Tilda Swinton and Olivier Saillard

“Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” – “Tilda is the fairest of them all”, would answer the jolly bunch of fashion professionals and A-list celebrities, who saw Swinton walking up and down the catwalk, pausing in front of a mirror at one end and showcasing most precious and intriguing collector fashion and historical costumes.

The invited guests who attended the general rehearsal of Olivier Saillard’s “The Impossible Wardrobe” in Paris on September 29, as well as the lucky few with tickets for the performances from September 29 to October 1, 2012 could consider themselves blessed, for the event was sold out within minutes. And rightly so, because they would otherwise have missed out on a unique performance: The settings were more than just serene, they were clinical and cold – like a morgue, one would say – representing the very exclusive archives of the Musée Galliera’s fashion museum, with never-seen-before pieces of fashion history.