As an Art Director and Stylist, I am always appreciative of the abundance of experiences my career has offered me. As a freelancer I work from home, which has the advantage of being free to organize my daily schedule but the inconvenience of never being really able to switch off.

But…do I want to switch it all off? Not really. If I am not writing, I am reading – if not reading I am simply daydreaming about…fashion. I like to imagine that I was born with a fashion related disease; some sort of written fate that my mother would have officially described on my birth certificate alongside a predictable shoe addiction.

  1. umanbn said:

    Hi Jenny, I love your blog. You have great taste, its very specific and special…..I generally don’t follow blogs but I will certainly bookmark yours and follow (unofficially!)… 🙂

    • Hi Mark, from Umanbn! What a compliment,thank you! I only turned this blog to public recently. So your visit and comments are such a motivation to me. Please do ‘officially’ follow me : >

  2. fafa said:

    Hi Jenny! : ) thanks for bringing us your view or the thing from yr eyes which you Like : )
    Lovely : D

  3. antoniobayonajewellery said:

    Hi Jenny! We love your blog! Could we contact you via email?

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