Statement Metal Nail

Nail art has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. It’s not just a couple of coats of varnish anymore, endless choice is available at your fingertips. There are stickers, gels, foils, false talons and people who can paint intricate masterpieces across your nail. So what else can you possibly do with those ten fingers?

How about capping them with precious metal ornamented with spikes, horns, roses, lizzards, skulls and cobwebs from new label H&H. Designers, make-up artist Holly Silius and jewellery designer Hannah Warner, have taken the nail art fascination to the next level with a line of bespoke metal nails. Inspired by nature they have created solid metals nails that come in a range of tones from silver and gold to black and rose. Applied with nail glue and fibre these can be done at home and worn multiple times. Perfect for Wednesday night and a Edward Scissorhands take on Halloween perhaps or for making a statement with the simplest of outfits.


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