Ink Explosions

Ink Explosions Under Water by Mark Mawson.

Mark Mawson is an international award-winning photographer with over 21 years of experience capturing people and places. His specialty is shooting underwater and his incredible skill can be seen in full display in the Aqueous series.

Mark has recently returned to London after living in Sydney for several years. In his ongoing Aqueous series, Mark explores colour, water and ink; capturing incredible plumes of ink as they dance in the water. The shapes and colours are extraordinary, with his Aqueous Floureau series going viral at the end of last year.

Be sure to visit Behance to see the entire collection.

Photography by Mark Mawson

  1. Thanks for putting this up. I would love to have one of these prints in my home, they are so beautiful and strangely mesmerizing!

  2. Nini said:

    Beautiful and interesting!

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