Stamps for Fashion Aficionados

This will probably drive most fashion aficionados crazy: The Great British Fashion Collection! Launched by Royal Mail in May. This collection consists of ten new first class stamps featuring some of Britain’s most influential fashion brands that have emerged since World War II and showcasing their iconic designs. These labels include Hardy Amies, Norman Hartnell, Granny Takes a Trip, Ossie Clark, Tommy Nutter, Jean Muir, Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and Alexander McQueen.

“British fashion has grown to become a major national industry. It employs about a million people and contributes directly some £21 billion to the UK economy. So it is an honour to be able to pay homage to some of the designers who made the industry what it is today”, says Philip Parker, Royal Mail Stamps spokesperson.

    • I wish every country would have their fashion stamps as a tribute to local fashion industry! Do you agree?

  1. The top stamp scared me a bit at 1st bit is mad cool! Reminds me of the Black Swan

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