Shoes Wonder

Fashion taken to a whole new level…model walks in impossible heels! I think it totally subverted our concept of walking in shoes. This might be the intension behind the project. Shoes were designed by South African artist, Leanie van der Vyer and Dutch shoe designer, René van den Berg.

  1. theoverflown said:

    Wow, they’re pretty crazy…

    • So...this is Jenny! said:

      Impossible standards of beauty!

  2. Mindy said:

    aesthetically, this are phenomenal. So different than anything I have ever seen before, but noooooo wayyy would people be caught dead walking in those! Well, I think they would die from falling over so….no to the function. But hey, still pretty sick shoes!

    • So...this is Jenny! said:

      Can not agree more!

  3. I completely agree. Especially the still photos of the model- exquisite, strange and beautiful! But the practicality of these is pretty much non-existent and she looks like she’s in so much pain in the video.

    I love the experimental creativity of the shoes though. Bravo to the artists.

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