My New Look – Androgyny

White blazer,DKNY; B/W checker top,Dries Van Noten; chain necklace, Hugo Boss; sunglasses, Chanel.

Had my hair done last week. Though short hair has been my signature, have never tried under-cut and all-back style. This look reminds me of of a fashion icon in the 80’s, Tina Chow.
The stunning and glamorous Tina Chow. She’s the very first asian model praised by Hollywood and muse to many fashion big names. Her signature short-hairdo and minimal style make her stand out from all the super models in tight disco dress or power suits with heavy makeup. I found her style timeless, and her talent in art and culture proved that she’s not just a pretty face. In many ways, Tina is my inspiration and muse.

  1. Jelena said:

    This is just perfect!! 🙂

    • So...this is Jenny! said:

      Thank you ^ ^

  2. You look amazing!! :O

    • So...this is Jenny! said:

      Thanks Maria!

  3. You look so cool!! Love your hair style!

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