Look Out For This Cutting Edge Invention In Fashion!

A very unusual eyewear caught my eyes from Diane von Furstenburg’s show in New York Fashion Week yesterday. So I did a little research and found this can be (or soon to be) every fashionista’s must have item.

This is a brand new cutting edge piece of wearable technology, called ‘Glass’. Diane von Furstenberg has partnered with Google to showcase the abilities of ‘Glass’, the internet giant’s latest venture – an augmented reality head-mounted display. The neat pair of glasses consists of a small camera which allows the wearer to film and photograph their viewpoint whilst also interacting with the digital world in a similar way to a smart phone.

Diane von Furstenberg with Google co-founder Sergey Brin at yesterday’s show.

The designer, as well as members of her design and production team and some of her catwalk models, have been sporting Glass for the past week in order to capture the creative process behind the latest collection and catwalk show for a documentary entitled ‘DVF through Glass’, which will be screened on the label’s Goggle+ page and Google’s YouTube page this coming Thursday.

Sarah Jessica Parker trying out Glass.

Even Sarah Jessica Parker tried out the specs after yesterday’s show, as did Rupert Murdoch.
It is the first time the glasses have been used by anyone outside of Google, although there are rumours that the headset will soon be available to the public.

Can’t wait to try it out!


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