The September Issue

Have you gotten your September issues yet? With the pages piling higher, this September welcomes fashion’s biggest glossy gargantuans yet. The American Vogue120th Anniversary edition comes in at 900+ pages, more than any September issue before it has ever had. With 600 pages of advertisement campaigns (to put that in perspective, an entire September issue of ELLE this year amounts up to those ad pages), Fall fashion is bigger than ever and so are the trends they are spotlighting.


This season, the key looks are taking notes from Japanese avant gardism, slick superheroes, 1970s ugliness, friendly forest animals and the height of haute couture. The mash-up of these elements makes for an interesting fashion season, extremely adventurous and creative, yet cohesive and concise in execution. There’s no fearing the faux pas this Fall/Winter, because it’s all about taking a risk and expressing the wilder side of style. From either of our perspectives, in theory or in practice, these latest trends have us thinking “go big or go home.”


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