Suffragette Jewelry

Some believe jewelry to be merely superfluous and a symbol of vanity – perhaps they have never heard of Suffragette Jewelry.
The Suffragette Movement – campaigning for the right for women to vote – spread it’s cry for equality an liberation across the western globe. New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote, with Australia to follow suit in 1902. Female sympathizers in England however, had a much harder task unsetting a patriarchy that had such a rigorous and established hold on the reigns. In 1928, after decades of protest including bombings, hunger strikes and attacks – the women of Britain were given the vote when aged 21.
These brave and determined women wore jewelry to mark their belief – Suffragette jewelry,distinguishable by the colors of the movement. The basic style was that of the Edwardian era in the colors Green, White and Violet: Give Women the Vote!


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