Monthly Archives: March 2012

A new iPhone app launching today, Trendabl, aims to create a social network tailored specifically to fashion.


Isaac Mizrahi has designed a capsule collection of condoms for Proper Attire. They were individually packaged in boxes covered in gingham, polka-dots, and what was a decidedly feminist twist—a floral pattern that recalled Georgia O’Keeffe’s peach skin florals. 

Isaac Mizrahi revealed the message that he wants to send with this collaboration in an interview with ELLE magazine:

‘Somehow a penis is a penis and it needs to be put in a condom, whether it’s a gay penis or a heterosexual penis or whatever, even—if there is such a thing— as a lesbian penis.  I think everyone ought to take the step of putting on a condom.’


Using technology developed around rose stem cells, Lancôme is calling Absolue L’Extrait a “miracle” cream. Each jar of Absolue L’Extrait contains two million rose stem cells. Absolue L’Extrait also contains other active ingredients, such as Proxylane, which are said to help epidermal regeneration. The cream will debut in April in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Burberry has the most “post likes” on Facebook than any other fashion brand, while Converse is the “most liked” overall!

Let the games begin…

The Official Top Ten from Stylophane’s official Top Ten list.:

1)    Converse – 23.3 million
2)    Adidas – 13.5 million
3)    Burberry – 11.6 million
4)    Levis – 11.1 million
5)    Nike Football – 11 million
6)    Lacoste – 9.2 million
7)    DC Shoes – 8.2 million
8)    Dior – 7.6 million
9)    Gucci – 7.5 million
10)  Puma – 6.9 million